Time to add a little sparkle! Christmas Fair, Thame 5/12/2020

Hoping you are all keeping well and cosy, despite the lack of sunshine on these wintery days. Not long now until Christmas and finally after lockdown restrictions are lifted on Wednesday 2nd, we will be off on an outing to Thame Town Hall Craft Fair on Saturday 5th December from 10am - 4pm. There will be loads of lovely craft makers, local producers and small businesses showing off their wares so it's a great opportunity for you to get out of the house in a safe environment and get stocked up on some original, thoughtful and beautiful gifts! Our all-natural Tigerleaf Skincare products will be available to purchase including our sparkly vegan soaps, shown above and each come in a natural cotton bag. Priced at £4.50, they last ages and smell amazing and are super kind to your skin.

Our superstar Magnesium Body Butters, which are working a treat for all those who have tried them.. check out our reviews on our home page! For those who haven't yet been treated to them, these magnesium body butters work beautifully on helping improve sleep, relieve aches and pains and in relieving stress and anxiety... perfect for shaking off the lockdown blues and getting everyone ready for a happy Christmas and an enjoyable fit a healthy New Year ... 2021! Priced at £7, they are a wonderful effective and gentle way of getting the magnesium minerals that you need mixed with soothing and nourishing plant-based butters with relaxing and pain-relieving essential oil blends that smell fantastic. Suitable for all ages, they make an ideal gift for friends, family, young and old as they provide relaxation, ease muscle tension and joint pain, help relieve strains and stress and improve sleep. Explore our full collection here: www.tigerleaf.co.uk/magnesium

Our super silky soft vegan whipped body butters are super kind to your skin, palm oil free and they come in 8 delicious relaxing and reviving fragrances to suit your mood. Priced at £6 they are great as gift or as a treat for you-know-who! We recommend Moon Dance for women's balance, boosting mood, releasing stress and helping you feel calm night or day. Sweet Dreams is perfect for helping you unwind and catch plenty of zzzs and Smooth Velvet is particularly calming and gentle on sensitive skin. Check out our full collection here: www.tigerleaf.co.uk/bodybutters

Our Miracle Repair Balms are really soothing for chapped skin and are ideal at this time of year, particularly in the cold weather. Made from 9 healing plant-based butters including sunflower seed oil, shea butter, mango butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, argan oil, kokum butter, Vitamin E and beeswax, this wonderful balm will help repair and heal lips, hands, elbows, knees, ankles, feet and dry skin conditions all over your body. Available in lip balm tin, lip balm bamboo lipstick and 100g tin, prices range from £3-£6, so it makes an essential part of everyone's well-being kit for all ages, men and women alike!

Check out more here: www.tigerleaf.co.uk/miracle

Our Tigerleaf lip balms are available in three delicious flavours in addition to our super healing Miracle Lip Reviver balm. Choose from Peppermint, Rose or Coconut lip balm tins, all priced at £3.

Explore our full lipcare and colour collection here: www.tigerleaf.co.uk/lipcare

Our beautiful lip glosses are available in five flattering colours with natural flavouring making them both stunning and delicious! Made from sunflower seed oil, cocoa butter, coconut oil, jojoba oil, castor oil, Vitamin E and natural mica pigments, why not add some all-natural colour to your beauty routine! Available in 10g tins at £4 or in bamboo refillable lipstick tubes, priced at £5, these make wonderful gifts or a lovely treat for you!

With many thanks for your support and best seasonal good wishes,

Sarah xx

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