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Tigerleaf is a natural skincare company located in the heart of the south Oxfordshire countryside.  We make skincare products that are kind your skin and the planet, by creating our products with sustainable ingredients and using packaging that can be reused or recycled.  The pace of our 21st century lifestyles can often lead to far too much strain and stress, and this has inspired us to seek out the best essential oil combinations to the pressures of life and help enhance relaxation.

Our cold process soaping adventure has given us a wonderful colourful and creative medium work with, whilst making lovely gentle vegan handmade soaps to help keep you clean, fresh and revived.

We launched our new range of whipped body butters in early 2020 after reworking our base recipe and fine tuning all our essential oil blends.  These have been selected to help you relax, rejuvenate and feel revived.  They are kind to your skin and wonderful to the touch and are a treat for your mind and body.

Our new vegan magnesium butters provide a welcome relief for those suffering with aches and pains. By using special Zechstein magnesium and pain relieving essential oils,  we have harnessed the power of Mother Nature to help relieve muscle tension, release stress and improve sleep.  

Our vegetarian lip products use nourishing plant butters and oils and natural mica pigments to create lip glosses and balms which don't dry out your lips and make you look gorgeous. Our micas are naturally made from muscovite flakes which are child-labour free and contain natural pigments from iron oxides and natural dyes. 

Our products have all been allergen tested and approved to comply with EU regulations.

We are conscious of the need to avoid using plastic and be sustainable and ensure that all our containers and packaging materials may be reused or recycled.

​For more information and for wholesale orders, contact Sarah Hayward-Broomfield on or 

call 07869 286077.

Address: Tigerleaf, 3 St Mary's Close, Chalgrove, Oxford OX44 7TL

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