Tigerleaf is a new artisan beauty company based in the Oxfordshire countryside specialising in handmade soap and cosmetic products. ​


We draw inspiration from the raw power and delicate balance of Nature, using wonderful natural plant based butters, pure essential oils and natural mica pigments. 

Our products are vegetarian and are free from parabens and pesticides and are not tested on animals. 


Our ingredients have been allergen tested and approved to comply with EU regulations. Our micas are naturally made from muscovite flakes which are child-labour free and contain natural pigments from iron oxides and natural dyes.

Conscious of the need to avoid using plastic, all our containers and packaging materials may be re-used or recycled.

​For more information and for wholesale quotes, contact us on or call 07869 286077.

3 St Mary's Close, Chalgrove, Oxfordshire OX44 7TL.

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