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Made with Pure Essential Oils

Our vegan soaps are designed to give you maximum lather and bubbles, whilst being kind and soft to your skin.

Made with natural plant butters and oils and precious essential oils which give our soaps the following properties:

Sweet Almond Oil: Full of fatty acids with a lightweight and moisturising consistency;

Cocoa Butter: Adds a luxurious and moisturising texture to soap;

Coconut Oil: Super cleansing and produces large bubbles;

Olive Oil:  Moisturises the skin and creates creamy lather;

Glycerin: Formed in the saponification process, glycerin work wonders for your skin's outer layer and doesn’t clog pores.

Natural cosmetic grade micas are used to colour our soaps and they are 100% cruelty free and child labour free.  Formed from muscovite flakes, the micas are tinted with iron oxides and natural dyes.

Our pure essential oil blends are specially selected to scent our soaps and provide calming and relaxing properties.