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Updated: Oct 9, 2020

How many of us are working from home, sitting at desks or kitchen tables that are not ergonomically designed to keep you in the right position for hours on end? Pins and needles? Cramps? Crossing your legs, slouching and forgetting to breathe properly can all lead to you feeling a bit uncomfortable and if your wrists are not in the right position you may find they are sore too. Exercise and breathing properly can all be a great help, but if you find you are still feeling tired, lethargic or suffering from aches and pains, then you should read on!

Research has discovered that over 75% of the population is deficient in magnesium. Symptoms can include aches and pains, muscle spasms, fatigue, sore or aching joints, headaches and PMS symptoms.

Magnesium deficiency can be due to a number of factors changing including modern farming practices, soil quality, fertilisers, mineral content in our diets and stresses and strains of modern day living. In order to enrich your diet, you can eat foods high in magnesium such as those shown below. Magnesium food supplements vary in strength, although some people find it can make their stomachs upset and it also takes time to be digested and get to work.

Our new range of Magnesium Body Butters deliver the magnesium you need through transdermal application, which is gentle and effective and starts to work immediately. Our selection of magnesium butters are blended with a selection of pain relieving and relaxing essential oils, which have been chosen to relieve pain, reduce tension and enhance relaxation.

You can apply the the magnesium butters all over your body and particularly on areas which are sore, such as feet, back, wrists, neck and stomach. Regular application of magnesium can improve sleep, reduce stress and tension and relieve muscle spasms and aches and pains.

We create our magnesium body butters using pure Zechstein magnesium flakes, extracted from over two miles beneath the Earth’s surface to avoid man-made pollutants. These are blended with natural plant based butters and oils including sustainable grapeseed oil, shea butter, mango butter and coconut oil and blends of essential oils to soothe aches, pains and promote relaxation and natural sleep.

Our new range of whipped magnesium body butters are:

1. Lemon Verbena, Neroli & Palmarosa – Citrus, orange blossom, grassy notes

Neroli's luxurious orange blossom fragrance is uplifting relieves stress and improves sleep; Lemon Verbena is antispasmodic and provides relief for muscle tension, aches and pains; Palmarosa has anti-anxiety properties and helps provide relief for sore feet and aching muscles.

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2. Juniper Berry & Black Spruce with spicy, menthol, woody and herbal notes.

Juniper Berry provides warming relief for tired muscles and helps relieve arthritis symptoms. Black Spruce soothes sore muscles, calms inflammation and muscle spasms including coughs. This invigorating fragrance blend is designed to relieve tension and enhance relaxation and is particularly useful for those with arthritis and aching joints.

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3. Sandalwood, Amyris & Vetiver with woody, vanilla and smoky notes.

Sandalwood relieves pain, inflammation, helps muscles relax and eases headaches; Amyris has sedative, calming and muscle relaxing properties including relieving tension and anxiety; Vetiver has calming, balancing and grounding properties and is an anti-spasmodic and reliever of stress and anxiety.

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4. Lavender, Amyris & Peppermint with floral, herbal, woody, vanilla and minty menthol notes

Lavender has anti-inflammatory properties and is useful in treating depression and anxiety; Amyris has calming and muscle relaxing properties including relieving tension and anxiety; Peppermint provides a refreshing and stimulating fragrance whilst cooling and reviving sore muscles and relieving pain.

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5. Cedarwood, Lavender & Amyris with floral, herbal, woody and vanilla notes.

Cedarwood has anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties and help provide relieve from tension; Lavender also helps reduce inflammation and is useful in treating depression, anxiety and insomnia; whilst Amyris has sedative with calming and muscle relaxing properties.

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6. Lavender & Sandalwood with floral, herbal and woody, smoky notes.

Lavender reduces inflammation and is useful in treating depression, anxiety and insomnia; Sandalwood relieves pain, inflammation, tension and helps muscles relax.

7. Lavender, Mandarin & Marjoram with fresh, herbal, citrus and floral notes

Lavender reduces inflammation and relieves anxiety, depression and insomnia; Mandarin has soothing, comforting and uplifting notes; Marjoram has warming and soothing properties which promote relaxation, relieve tension and soothe aching muscles the mind and body.

*Please note, Marjoram is not suitable for use during pregnancy.

8. Cedarwood & Indian Sweet Patchouli with woody, floral and herbal notes

Sweet Indian Patchouli (related to the mint, oragano and lavender family) has pain relieving and anti-inflammatory qualities. Please note, Patchouli is not suitable for use during pregnancy. Cedarwood has anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve tension.

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9. Original - Unfragranced version

Naturally fragranced with plant based butters and oils include shea butter, mango butter, grapeseed oil and coconut oil. Shop here:

To use: Apply liberally on feet, arms, back, stomach and neck. Recommended application twice a day. An application of 5ml delivers 95mg of elemental magnesium.

Here are some testmonials from our customers:

"Brilliant service and products. My husband had a bad knee the magnesium body cream was nearly instant relief for him. Would recommend".

Theresa Ayres, Oxfordshire.

"I use Tigerleaf's Magnesium lemon verbena body butter on my legs after a long run which I feel really helps with recovery, most welcome when marathon training! What you see is what you get with Tigerleaf products; no nasties, no plastic, smell great and feel great on." Claire Law, Chepstow.

"I was given a Magnesium Lemon Verbena Body Butter for Christmas and had just broken my wrist before that. I have used it everyday and it has been so soothing I am sure it has helped recovery. I purchased some more yesterday and received the same day as I am local and also tried some Tigerleaf lip balm which is brilliant too. Thoroughly recommend especially to calm and nurture during the lock down. "

Heather Topping, Chalgrove.

Our vegan formula is made from plant based butters and oils and is not tested on animals.

We do not use palm oil, we are committed to using sustainable ingredients.

We do not use palm oil, sulphates or alcohol in our products and our products comply with EU Cosmetic Product Safety Legislation.

All our packaging can be reused or recycled. #greenbeauty #plasticfree #magnesiumbenefits #naturallybeautiful #whippedbodybutters #magnesiumbodybutters #handmade #madewithessentialoils

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